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by Anna on August 31, 2014

This blog contains sexual content including discussion about women’s sexuality and sexual expression, and erotic stories with some BDSM and lesbian themes.

I only write about consensual sexual acts between adults. I write with the aim of providing a platform for positive exploration, enjoyment and expression of sexuality.

Please use your own judgement about whether you wish to read on.

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New Book! An Intimate Education

by Anna on March 6, 2015

Q] What happens when a bunch of erotic writers get together for a good cause?

A] An Intimate Education…

An Intimate Education coverFeaturing 22 erotic stories from authors across the globe, An Intimate Education spans a range of sexualities, genders and desires. The stories show the diversity of erotica, taking in romantic sex, kinky sex, paranormal sex and a lot more besides. All stories show that safe can be sexy. Created to celebrate the first ever Erotic World Book Day (#EWBD), all profits from An Intimate Education will go to sexual health and well-being charity Brook.

Authors include: Anna Sansom (me!), Lucy Felthouse, Charlotte Howard, Rebecca Black, Kay Jaybee, Madeline Moore, Cara Sutra, Helen J Perry & Adria Kane, Tabitha Rayne, A.M. Hartnett, Oleander Plume, Kayla Lords, Vanessa de Sade, James Gent, Anna Sky, Lily Harlem, Victoria Blisse, Rhyll Biest, Neil Davis, Lexie Bay, Paris Orsini and Emily Dubberley.



Extract from my story in An Intimate Education:


Melissa’s Sweet Music

“Melissa reached for my left hand and placed two of my fingers onto the strings, one above the other. “Press firmly against the fret board and strum the chord.”

I felt the metal of the strings bite a little into the soft pads of my fingertips and pressed a little harder. My thumb grazed the strings one at a time.

“Again. Louder this time.”

I strummed again and felt the chord reverberate low in my body.

“Again. Then describe the sound to me.”

I hesitated. “What do you mean? How do I describe the sound?”

“Let me show you.” Melissa took the guitar from me and settled it against her breasts. “Close your eyes and listen. Feel.”

She played the two-fingered chord loudly a few times, then more gently as she began to speak over it. “This is a minor chord. It’s a chord full of yearning. And it has a hard edge to it. I always think of it as a fuck me chord.”

I opened my eyes. “A fuck me chord?”

Melissa’s expression was serious and intense like the sound she created from the instrument. “When I hear this chord I think of a lover straddling me. She knows I’m aching for her but she won’t touch me – yet. She wants me to wait, to get to the point of begging. She teases me but it’s painful rather than playful. When I hear this chord quietly it whispers fuck me, please. When I play it loudly it becomes an order: FUCK ME!






Come and join us for Erotic World Book Day!

I was sweet 16, never been kissed, and nervously pushing open the door to Grass Roots Books in Manchester city centre. A year later I was repeating this move at Sisterwrite in Islington. Fast forward another three years and it was West and Wilde Bookshop in Edinburgh. Those early, formative years are bookmarked in my […]

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My Bloody Valentine

“It’s going to be messy.” You nod sagely and hand me one of the pristine towels from the hotel bathroom. “No, I mean, really messy.” You gaze at me unblinking for a moment. “That’s why I’m here.” I fold the towel in half and then in half again and raise my hips. There is a […]

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My Pleasure // Your Pleasure

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A Kiss from You

I have imagined your hands in such great detail. I’ve dreamed of your hands stroking and smoothing my anticipatory skin. The slight drag where your calloused pads catch, reminding me that you are more used to working with hard, inanimate objects than with sensitive, malleable flesh. I’ve pictured the shape of your fingers intertwined with […]

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It’s not about the perfect ending

The fantasy had been running through my head all day like a buzzing film projection on a loop. The images were smoked and fuzzy around the edges and the sound dipped in and out depending on where I was and who I was with. Every so often, in the moments when I found myself alone, […]

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You don’t have to try to be sexy

Trying to be sexy doesn’t work.   As soon as we ‘try to be sexy’ we lose connection to what really makes each of us sparkle. We adopt clothing, positions, attitudes, language (and more) that reflects something generically believed to constitute ‘sexy’ but that – ultimately – is a mask.   It’s not that those […]

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Bad behaviour?

The warm summer in the UK has been a bumper year for wildlife: rodents, birds, and butterflies have all done well. My cat has been in her element. Whereas she usually averages two or three causalities a year, in the last few weeks we’ve had an almost daily offering. The patch of ground beside a […]

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Let me hear your body talk

The knuckles on my right hand are bruised and aching. My shoulder hurts too. But then, what can I expect after throwing punch after punch, directing all my strength and power into an unaccustomed fist? Today I feel solid and tired. Body stiff. Wanting to curl up and sleep. A few days earlier I’d been […]

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