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by Anna on August 31, 2014

This blog contains sexual content including discussion about women’s sexuality and sexual expression, and erotic stories with some BDSM and lesbian themes.

I only write about consensual sexual acts between adults. I write with the aim of providing a platform for positive exploration, enjoyment and expression of sexuality.

Please use your own judgement about whether you wish to read on.

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The vise of your desire

by Anna on August 30, 2014

**PLEASE NOTE: this post includes consensual BDSM themes. Some of the content may be triggering for survivors of  abuse. Please use your own judgement about whether or not to read/listen on.**

pressurePinned beneath the weight of you. I know I could easily shrug you off if I pushed, but it’s not your body that holds me in place.

Your presence is wrapped around me. Making contact with every inch of skin. And deeper. Filling the smallest of spaces between my organs and tissues.

I feel you like pressure. Like being a hundred fathoms down in the ocean. Pressure on my lungs that makes me gasp. Shallow breaths.

Pressure on my cunt. The heel of your hand ground up against me.

My thoughts squeezed in the vise of your desire.

I can’t think clearly.

All I can do is feel.

Feel the swelling of flesh. Yours. And mine.

Feel the wetting. My lips. Your mouth.

Feel the fear of having asked. Exposed myself. Been seen in all of my raw need and vulnerability.

Nowhere to hide.

Except beneath you.

And so you just hold me here.

Letting me feel infiltrated.

Letting the spaces inside me expand to take in even more of you.

Feeling your strength become my strength.

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