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by Anna on August 31, 2014

This blog contains sexual content including discussion about women’s sexuality and sexual expression, and erotic stories with some BDSM and lesbian themes.

I only write about consensual sexual acts between adults. I write with the aim of providing a platform for positive exploration, enjoyment and expression of sexuality.

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EROTICA: A Date to Remember

by Anna on May 23, 2015



stillfeelyouDee stood up as I walked towards her. She was a little shorter than I expected but just as cute as her profile picture had promised. I allowed my gaze to travel blatantly down her body, taking in her small breasts, skinny but muscular arms, and the subtle curve of her hips. A lazy onlooker might have mistaken her for a young guy; I saw the 30 year old woman I’d been flirting with online for the last two weeks.

She stepped forward: her arm extended for the polite formality of a handshake. As she leaned towards me I saw an unexpected bulge in the front of her jeans and I pulled her closer for an embrace: my breasts brushed against hers and the hard outline of her surprise welcome pressed gently against my mound. Part of me was turned on at her boldness for our first encounter. But another part was irked that she had assumed this might be on the menu. Certainly, I’d not agreed to any more than a drink and a chance to talk face-to-face.

I watched the way Dee moved as she went to the bar for our drinks: the confident swagger was there but I also noticed a slight hesitation as she placed my wine glass down.

The conversation flowed easily and I gradually shifted closer until my thigh touched Dee’s. I reached into her lap and cupped my hand over the shaft of her strap-on. Her breath caught in her throat for a split second before she regained her composure, placed her hand on top of mine, and moulded my fingers more firmly around her. Her eyes sparkled hopefully and I saw her lick her lips: she thought I was going to let her fuck me.

“Come on then,” I challenged and headed towards the ladies’ loos.

I stepped into a cubicle and Dee quickly followed me in. Her mouth covered mine and she pushed me up against the wall, her hands pressing against my shoulders and her thigh filling the space between my own. Our tongues danced in time with the low thrum of the muffled music from the bar outside. I reached down to undo her zip and her lips stilled for a moment as her brain registered the movement of my hand drawing her out. When her kisses resumed they were even more eager than before and her body began to rock against mine.

I let go of her dick and moved my hands onto her hips. We were matched in height but I had the weight advantage: one quick shove and I’d pushed her against the opposite wall, my thigh now between hers. Before she could protest, I took hold of her dick again and gave it a playful tug. She groaned deep in the back of her throat and closed her eyes.

I can’t help but get wet for a chick with a dick and Dee was no exception. I wanted to feel her slide into me but first I wanted to make this butch go weak at the knees.

The base of her dick nestled against her pussy lips, held in place by tight leather straps. I worked my fingers underneath one strap and delicately pulled it around enough to expose her cunt. I studied her face for a moment, checking she was okay with this switch in roles. The last thing I wanted to do was offend her by ignoring her obvious preference for strap-on play, but I also sensed that she certainly wasn’t limited to only that.

Her throaty sigh confirmed my hopes and I slipped one fingertip between her folds. I slid over her until I made contact with the hard nub of her clit, making circles around her and feeling the first tremble in her legs. I watched the expression on her face change from pretend poise to palpable need as I slowly began to stroke up and down, dipping into her opening to draw out more and more of her want.

Her dick butted against my hip and I wrapped my other hand around it. Her eyes flicked open for a moment and she smiled, covering my hand with hers and urging me to grip her tighter.

Dee’s smile quickly dissolved back into lust as my hands rhythmically pulled and stroked. I pressed up against her again and sought out her tongue once more: adding yet another layer of sensation for her to manage.

Her whole body was trembling now and I quickened my pace, urging her towards her climax. A few more strokes and she was there: knees buckling, fists clenching, breath drawn out in a long ‘oh’. I could hardly wait to get her back to my apartment, to become properly acquainted with her strap-on, and to introduce her to some of my favourite toys. My first night with Dee would definitely be a date to remember.


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