Ladygarden line-up!

by Anna on August 7, 2012

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And then three come along at once!

Now you know the punchline, here’s the story that goes with it…

Many, many years ago I read about women in feminist consciousness-raising groups looking at their lady parts with hand mirrors. It was, I read, something that every woman should do. We should look at our vulvas, explore and examine them, and get to know them … intimately.

Fast forward a few years and I heard about Betty Dodson’s vulva drawings and her work with women: helping them to see the beauty and splendour of their unique anatomy (as well as teaching them how to orgasm).

Two decades later and I have spent many a happy time studying my ladygarden in the mirror. I know what it looks like before, during and after arousal. I’ve watched the changes to colour and shape that happen. I could be fairly confident in picking myself out of a line up.

I’ve seen enough vulva variation to know that there is no ‘standard’ or ‘ideal’. Some have neat, thin labia; others have wide, butterfly ones. Some have shy, hooded clits; others have mighty, extended ones. Some have folds and drapery; others have clean lines and symmetry.

All are beautiful.

And I’m not alone in thinking this!

This week (in just one week!) I’ve come across three requests for lovers of their ladygardens to be out and proud.

Number 1

Diva Magazine has asked readers to send photos of their vulvas to be turned into drawings for a feature in their upcoming Naked issue.

Number 2

Rude Magazine is seeking photo contributions for their vulva gallery with the aim of illustrating how diverse we are and discouraging women (and girls) from considering cosmetic labiaplasty. (click the link to their site and keep scrolling down)

Number 3

Pussy Pride at Molly’s Daily Kiss is an ongoing project encouraging women to speak up about and celebrate their vulvas through blogging about them (photos optional).

All of these projects have the aim of celebrating the diversity, beauty and wondrousness of our cunts! Isn’t that amazing!

So, in the spirit of sisterhood, I decided to take part in all three.

I needed a photo though.

Even though I’ve looked at myself in the mirror, I’d never actually thought to take a photo. Several attempts and a run-down camera battery later, I had two photos that were in focus and featured the whole of my vulva. (To anyone who has ever taken a photo of themselves – vulva or otherwise – the outstretched arm posture requires a bit of trial and error to get the subject in shot and focus. But it’s worth persevering!)

I do have a confession though: the first good photo I got was of me fresh out of the shower and un-ruffled. I studied the photo. My ego stepped in for a closer look, “Don’t you think you look a little … small?” Ego said.

I looked at the photo: pretty, pale pink lips and a sleepy little clit.

“Well I could just try another one,” I told Ego. “Maybe after a little… fluffing.”

(Fluffing, I have learned, is a technique they use in porn films to get the male actors ready for the camera. A ‘Fluffer’ is the person who has the job of helping the guy get a hard-on. In the absence of a Fluffer, one has to be prepared to self-fluff.)

After a little fluffing and a slick of lube, my ladygarden was ready for her next close up. This time with darker, puffier lips and my clit giving a cheeky wave to the camera.

Now I guess you’re wondering if I’m going to show you the photos. You might be asking if all this pussy pride and ladygarden love means I’d have no qualms about posting the pictures along with this blog.


I thought about it.

Then I thought about it some more.

Then I made a decision.

Instead of showing you my beautiful cunt, I’m going to encourage you to take a look at and appreciate your own!

Sharing the Ladygarden Love!

Pussy Pride

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If you really want some pictures of sexy vulvas – go visit the gallery page

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